Jesús A. Atienza

The Interim Management service is inextricably linked to the figure of the consultant: Jesús A. Atienza Hernández; a professional with more than 30 years of experience, both in the world of management, as in the consulting.

The Interim Management service provided by Gesempor to companies and institutions is characterized by:

  • The assured return of the investment. Put at the service of the clients the set of skills, knowledge and experience that I have accumulated and continue to renew, throughout all the years of professional experience I make sure to be able to deliver results, solutions or services, tangible and directly implanted in the organization.
  • A flexible and customized service. Defined, both in the objectives to be achieved, and in the duration of the service over time, or the specific formula through which the service is provided.
  • My commitment. My fundamental interest throughout the mandate received is the achievement of the expected results and, therefore, the success of the organization in which I develop the services.
  • Responsibility. By being part of the management teams, I assume full responsibility for the results achieved.
  • The objectivity of the vision that I contribute. Since I am not conditioned by the policy or the day to day of the organization, I can offer a different perspective and fully focused on those aspects that most affect the business or the main activity of the organization.
  • Independence. As an independent professional, I contribute with transparency, honesty and without pressure.

We have made hundreds of successful implementations that have allowed our clients to successfully face the challenges they face. Therefore, contact us if your company or organization is at a key moment and requires consulting in any of our specialties.
If you prefer to assess the needs before calling us, we have created a tool that will allow you to evaluate them by answering a series of questions. After the process, you will receive a free report on the status of the company or organization. Make the assessment without commitment.

International Consulting Network is a consulting trade marc that belongs to GESEMPOR Consulting and and channels multidisciplinary consulting initiatives for clients.

Jesús A. Atienza is a professional with more than 30 years of experience, both in consulting and in Line Management positions. He has an accurate vision about the needs of his clients and the challenges they face. He applies innovative solutions in all his projects that facilitate the achievement of the client's results.
  • Founder of GESEMPOR Consulting.
  • He has been Consulting Director at Hay Group, where he has been Producticed Services Director, Organization Service Director, and Work Measurement Practice Director.
  • CFO at Industria Gráfica ALTAIR (ONCE Industrial Group).
  • Bachelor's degree in Economic and Business Sciences.
  • Course of General Management of Companies.
  • Course on Foreign Trade Management.
  • Coauthor of the article "Implementing the competitive intelligence cycle in organizations"; published in the number 319 (May 2016) of the magazine of the APD (Association for the progress of the address).
    Coauthor of the Factbook of Human Resources and Labor Relations published by the publishing house Aranzadi.
  • Translator and proofreader in the development of the book collection "Directives Today" of the McGraw-Hill publishing house on human resources issues.
  • Author of several articles published in various media and social networks.
  • Nowadays he is lecturer at the Master of Intelligence Analyst (URJC).
  • He has been lecturer at Instituto de Empresa.
  • He has been lecturer at the MBA in the Alfonso X El Sabio University.