“In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you've got...” Jack Welch 

Both, in good and bad times companies must focus their efforts in achieving the best possible results in spite of the changing environment. Those results are direct consequence of the employees' actions.

Companies must recognise the need of invest, both in the employees' development to create commitment, and in the leadership development to ensure the efficient and effective management of people and their alignment with the interests and needs of the organizacion.

We work with you to ensure that your organization gets those capacities required to succesfully face the retos de futuro.

Which are the key capabilities you need to develop and implement your strategy?

Does your organization get the capabilities it needs now and in the future?

Is your organization sustainable?

Can your organization react without tensions when some persons desapear?

We build the general framework to establish the professional development and the processes of adquisition, development, recycling and incentivation of the capacities you need. A framework where we will draw professional paths, sucession plans, development and training routes, etc. and whitin which the professionals of the organization will move themselves ensuring the success in the election of the holders that should cover the different jobs.

¿Qué conseguimos para su organización?

Tras la intervención de Gesempor Consulting contará con las siguientes herramientas de gestión:
Normal development of the operations should be guaranteed as part of the sustainability and operation of the organization.

As with machines, real estate or tools, for which we foresee maintenance, obsolescence periods and alternative plans in case of incidents; we should operate with the jobs. At least with those that are key for the organization.

The unforeseen replacement of a key position usually extends over a period of not less than 1.5 years and costs (the direct costs, opportunity costs, training costs, costs for inefficiencies, etc.) to the organization, at least , between 3 and 5 times the annual gross salary.

The succession plans help us dramatically reduce those figures and ensure a normal development of the operations of the organization at all time.


A professional career is a succession of jobs, in which a professional is occupying various positions throughout their working life.

Throughout the professional career it is known what positions have been played and what is the current position, but it is less evident what are those positions to which the professional can go.

The range of future possibilities is more or less open depending on the evolution of the profile of the professional and their interests and motivations.

A step in the professional career always implies an appreciable change.

The identification of the possible successions of positions, as well as the determination of the characteristics and profiles of the different jobs to be traveled, and the formalization of the necessary accompaniments for professionals to carry out the transits, are part of our services in this field.

People are not born taught.

The cultural changes of the organizations, their permanent evolution or simply the improvement of their results, require the involvement of the professionals who work then; being leaders or employees.

An important part of these processes is the acquisition and development of the necessary skills for the organization to successfully face future challenges.

These capabilities can and should be developed through programs that, like the training programs, guarantee the success.

The capacities (knowledge and competencies) that an organization requires for its operation and evolution (especially the key capacities involved in that development) must be identified (with sufficient anticipation) and inventoried in order to incorporate them, extend them throughout the organization, develop them and, when the moment arrives, try to replace them when they are no longer useful.