How do you consider reward in your organization? Is it investment or expenditure? Do you think it is an expenditure to minimize, or you belive that is the most tangible part of the talent-assets in your organization, and then must be considered as an investment?

If you consider it is an investment ... Do you deal with it as with an investment? Which are the criteria you are using to manage reward? What is the ROI you are obtaining?

Every single aspect of reward must be optimized to guarantee the return in the terms of goals and coverage for the organization needs.

We work with you to achieve thar reward alignes with your strategy and to achieve that reward packages become real spurs to perform the brightest results of your organization.

Let's measure the ROI.

Which is the amount of the investment?

How do the organization recieves the return?

What return does it recieve?

We define with you the reward strategy as a framework where all the reward packages for all the groups will be developed.

That framework allows to define how we will compensate every group in the organization and which are the tools that we are going to use.

¿Qué conseguimos para su organización?

Tras la intervención de Gesempor Consulting contará con las siguientes herramientas de gestión:

Do your variable payment systems really work?

Are they variable or they are undercovered fixed payments?

Do they discriminate for better performance?

How much do they cost?

Let's review your systems. Check how valid they are from a formal point of view, from an operational and managerial perspective, or from the side of their acceptance and knowledge of the organization.

With an expert tool, the review of every single system will detect all the aspects for possible improvements and for the implementation of corrective measures.

Which are the interests of your employees?

Do the reward packages that you offer fit their interests?

How efficients are those packages from a fiscal perspective?

We design efficient, atractive, profitable and motivator reward packages,  that fit the interests of your organization and the interests of your employees (at all levels).

Aligning the remuneration with the business strategy and ensuring the maximum possible return on investment is the central axis of any action in terms of compensation management; It does not matter if we talk about the compensation for the managers or if we focus our attention on the variable payment systems of the sales force.

We help you to transform compensation into a tool at the service of the implementation of your strategy and the achievement of your objectives.