Jesús A. Atienza

Jesús A. Atienza, more than 30 years assessing national and international companies and organizations.

Gesempor: A consulting firm that, thanks to the professionalism of its CEO and collaborators, their ability to adapt and their relationship with customers, guarantees a satisfactory experience for all its customers.

When you select a consultant you can choose among many methodologies, visions and processes. But when you choose, what makes the difference is the humane treatment of the people who make up the team of consultants. In Gesempor you find a personalized response, based on analysis tailored to your needs and your organization.

We have made hundreds of successful implementations that have allowed our clients to successfully face the challenges they face. Therefore, contact us if your company or organization is at a key moment and requires consulting in any of our specialties.
If you prefer to assess the needs before calling us, we have created a tool that will allow you to evaluate them by answering a series of questions. After the process, you will receive a free report on the status of the company or organization. Make the assessment without commitment.

International Consulting Network is a consulting trade marc that belongs to GESEMPOR Consulting and and channels multidisciplinary consulting initiatives for clients.

Gesempor Consulting can offer you a consulting service in the key areas of business management. Our exclusive approach guarantees the best results for your company. We have the collaboration of experts in the main areas who work as a team with the professionals of your company to implement the plans
Thanks to the long working experience with companies and organizations, we have developed a work tool that allow business managers to make their own assessment to draw conclusions about the strategic consulting needs they require. You can use our tool for free. For this you must register on the web and answer a series of questions. After completing the assessment you will receive the report about your company.
Self-evaluations are of free access and required registration, for those people responsible for management of the organizations.