Having a strategy is not enough. It has to be implemented.

All the organizations must materialize their strategy in significant objectives and goals that must be clear, achievable, quantifiable and measurable; they must also be easily communicated to the organization so they can be assumed and shared by all its members, and be able to carry out its management. The systems and tools that allow this management (dashboards, directions by objectives, etc.) are elements through which organizations are efficiently and effectively run.

We work with you to build these tools consistently and aligned with your strategy to ensure the achievement of the objectives.


What is important for your organization? 

Reflect to focus on what is really important for the business, identify it, measure it and make sure that the whole organization (at all levels) understands it, shares it and commits to it; as well as follow and evaluate the achievements at any time, are the guarantee that the organization will be more effective day by day.

Because if your staff knows what they should achieve and believes in it, the organization will achieve its objectives.

Call us and we will help you in this process in which objectivity is basic.

¿Qué conseguimos para su organización?

Tras la intervención de Gesempor Consulting contará con las siguientes herramientas de gestión:
Not everyone contributes in the same way to the results of the organizations.

Individual and collective performance is a fundamental factor in the development of organizations.

Its measurement is even a healthy practice and an element of organizational health; and it allows to discriminate those performances that are excellent and that stand out in the whole of the organization.


Measuring is the only way we have to know our real situation.

Each one of the areas or departments of the organization must have their own objectives, linked to their responsibilities and according to their contribution.

These objectives must be aligned with the general objectives of the organization, but they must also include the specific aspects of each area and must allow individual and / or collective performance to be measured in those areas.

Only 10% of the companies that formulate and formalize their strategy manage to implement it successfully.

The functioning of the organization and the talent of the people must be aligned with the strategic objectives; for this, a Management System must be articulated in order to translate the strategic priorities into indicators, which allow the implementation of the strategy and the achievement of the ideal culture.

This management system is the Scorecard: Identify - Communicate - Measure - Evaluate


How long have you not reviewed your systems of fixation, monitoring, measurement and evaluation of objectives?

Does your organization efficiently achieve its objectives?

How has your market changed?

Have your management systems evolved at the same pace?

Maybe it's time to dedicate some time and resources to improve them. And nothing better than to start by auditing them to know their strengths and weaknesses.


Have you ever wondered if selling a unit of your product or service has the same difficulties and requires the same effort on the part of the seller in all geographical areas or customer clusters?

The level of effort will be conditioned by different exogenous variables to the organization. The determination of those variables will avoid useless frustrations in your commercial managers and in your sales staff.